Making a living as an artist was probably my dream since I first held a pencil in my hand. Drawing comics, creating worlds and telling stories was for me one of he most natural things in the entire universe and yet I didn't believe this idea of life was really attainable. My rational thinking took over and instead of spiky monsters, ones and zeros became my livelihood. But that was just until the year 2013 when I waved goodbye to the pure IT enviroment and took my chances with the creative industry.

The beginnings of freelancing without any know-how or connections were a huge challenge and I thought of coming back to the programming stability once again. Yet I endured, activated my charisma and used it to get many clients that pushed my career life again and again. I collected my profession EXP with great drive and energy and spend most of my free time with my own projects and self learning. Soon after my freelancing premiere I opened up my own small internet store and started an online comic Korektor with my friend Vilém Koubek. Not long afterwards we got a publishing deal and new exciting opportunities started to emerge in front of me.

Although I love my job, it’s not the one and only part of my life. I can’t imagine living without new and interesting experiences and I am still trying to pursue many of my hobbies and interests. Be it my love for larps, popculture or music – I need it all! If I would to describe myself in one sentence, I would say I am a workaholic, an idealist and a materialist in one person and I believe in the power of friendship!


Other work and achievements I couldn't fit elsewhere:

FAMU – Teaching students about fundamentals of visual arts in videogames within our Game design university major.

Game Access 2022 – The game FixFox receives an award for best visuals. I created the key art and other promotional materials for this project. I also cried during the reception of the trophy.


Selected online articles and interviews (czech only, FOR NOW THO!):

- Modrák & Friends (podcast)

- Deskofobie S07E13 (internetový pořad)

- Fantasy mag (web)

- Knižní díra (web)

- Quest (podcast)