Platform: PC
Genre: FPS
Year: 2016
Studio: The game was created in a collaboration with Hyperbolic Magnetism studio
Web: www.youtube.com

FPS game created during Global Game Jam 2016. The theme was ,,ritual‘‘ and our team decided to work with OCD theme in a classical fantasy dungeon environment. The story is simple: The ruler of the Underworld couldn‘t remember if he locked the door in his deepest dungeon, so he has to go back there and check. However, his way is blocked by monsters created by his own haunted mind. Leaky faucets, unlocked locks and failed Tetris games.

The game rebuilds the classical FPS genre with OCD mechanics. After seeing a leaky faucet, the demon has to go wash his hands before he can continue in his massacre. It takes a parodical spin on OCD symptoms and pays a tribute to the greatest game of the genre - DOOM.

The visuals are a mix of pixel art and 3D environment.