I always dreamed about making a living as an illustrator. For quite a while, I didn’t believe that such a dream was possible for me, so I started my career as an IT specialist. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my heart wasn’t in it and after some time, I finally took the path I had always wanted to. In 2013, I gave up on coding and started a new life as a professional illustrator.

With the newfound energy I also opened up my own e-shop, started to review games for TV and, together with my friend, we created the online comic Korektor which was later made into a standalone book. Even though the beginning wasn’t really easy, I endured and managed to work with many interesting clients.

Although I love my job, it’s not the one and only part of my life. I can’t imagine living without new and interesting experiences and I am still trying to pursue many of my hobbies and interests. Be it my love for unicorns, larps, popculture or pirates – I need it all! If I would to describe myself in one sentence, I would say I am a workaholic, an idealist and a materialist in one person and I believe in the power of friendship!