Monster Baby Rescue
Platform: Board game
Genre: Family Game/filler
Year: 2019
Studio: Delicious Games
Web: Delicious Games Facebook
Monster Baby Rescue

In Monster Baby Rescue!, players take care of their sad, lost and ill "Baby monsters" who got lost to us from fantastic world. Every player chooses their own "Monstie" — Dragon, Manticore, Orc, Basilisk, or Cerberus — and with the help of tiles displayed on the table takes care of it. There are tiles to groom particular parts of bodies, tiles with playgrounds, cosy places, diamonds to play or decorate with, and magicians. The game was designed by the world's famous czech desginer Vladimír Suchý

My role during the production of the game was to design and illustrate not only the five iconic monsters, but also the game board, cover and item cards. During the creation of the characters, I had to take into account the division of the pets into three separate segments, that also have to semalessly fit together in every iteration. With these limitations I had my hands tied during the composition drafting, but in the end, we managed to create a visual design that is very popular especially with the kids.

In Czech republic the game is published by Mindok and the american version is taken care of by the publishing house Rio Grande (Dominion, Power Grid).