Platform: Browser
Genre: Educational/card
Rok: 2022
Studio: ANECT

An educational online game that creates and reinforces correct habits of safe behavior in cyberspace, corporate networks, the office, or for home office. Clashing uses real-life situations that most employees have already experienced. The game focuses not only on working from your office, but also on safe remote work – be it from a cafe or from home.

The game is developed by the ANECT company, which utilises it's years-long cyber security experience in order to teach employees about internet safety through gamification. Clashing is a representative of modern digital educational approaches and as such was created with the help of game designers and board game experts alike. It is not by any means a trivial project and several big-name czech companies have already benefited from it's integration.

I was lucky enough to be approached by the company in order to design all the characters and card graphics. All illustrations used within the game have been created by me across years of development.