Whose dreams do you dream
Genre: Experimental chamber drama
Year: 2016
Team: Balda Jakub Balhar, Ciri Tereza Staňková, Godric Martin Hanzl
Web: larpovadatabaze
Whose dreams do you dream

Whose dreams do you dream is an experimental game on the border of what we call a larp, as it’s build on the perception of music and non-verbal communication. You don’t have to dance, there are many ways of expressing yourself – be it through a pose, touch, sight or movement. The game is poetic, heavily atmospheric and to a certain degree even abstract. It leads you through a story, but at the same time gives you a big freedom in its portrayal and interpretation.

The larp works with some heavy themes – the loss of a close person, looking for the meaning of life, loneliness, suicide, the fatality of love or complicated relationships. Part of the game is light physical contact like holding hands or hugging.

The game was created during Larpworkshop in 2016.