At the End of Hell
Genre: Gamistic chamber comedy
Year: 2016
Team: Iggy Ivo Macík, Derik Václav Kulovaný, Hana Kovářová
At the End of Hell

Forget about Earth’s propaganda, which portraits hell as a place full of suffering! Hell is much more than pain, agony and flames. Hell is a big happy family! Just get used to the rules and your life will be a much better one than the sad and boring one you had on Earth.

In the game At the end of Hell, the players take on the roles of workers from work cell 36k, which is commissioned with expanding the limits of their hellish empire. But since Satan is a bit of a fan of corporate ideology, both the humans and demons have much more work with themselves rather than their actual jobs. And as if it were not enough that our cell is running behind schedule, the latest inventory check has discovered an innocent soul within their ranks. And that is a mistake no hellish bureaucrat likes to see.

Members of this work shift can expect humor, slacking off, but also machinations. Each of the bizarre characters has its own plans and it’s only up to them how well they are gonna sell their agenda to the others.

The comedy larp from a corporate hell was created during course Škool 2016.