True Ending
Platform: PC
Genre: Visual novel
Year: 2016
Studio: Please Wait
True Ending

A visual novel created for a Ren’ai competition at AnimeFest 2016, where it took the first place in both categories – jury and visitors choice. At the first sight, True Ending is a classic representative of the genre, but in reality the game is a parody of the VN stereotypes and tries to approach the storytelling through non-traditional means. It’s a story within a story that is intertwined with meta humor, 4th wall breaking and communication with the player. It loosely connects to my popular comics Samurai Demon Kurotetsu that came out in the annual comic book collection Vějíř.

As for my my part in the development, I created all the character illustration, graphic elements and the whole form of the main menu. The only outsourced assets are the backgrounds, which fit well with our own art.

Game is only available in Czech.